Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Update Acrobatics

At least once per week I find myself looking at that annoying notification in the bottom-right of my screen and finally click on it just to make it go away. This is generally followed by requests to close every single application I currently have open, a new shortcut on my desktop (which I delete immediately), and sometimes a request to reboot the machine. If I don't allow the machine to reboot, the annoying notification hangs around for eternity.

Adobe Acrobat Reader is very useful. What is especially nice about it is that it opens automatically when clicking on a PDF file. This is actually the only use I can think of for the application, but it's a good one.

So why on earth does anyone need a shortcut on their desktop to this application? I have never found an occasion to seek out a shortcut to Adobe Acrobat Reader - again, it opens automatically when clicking on a PDF file. What purpose does the shortcut serve and why is Adobe so intent on making sure that shortcut had better damn well be on everyone's desktop? It drives me insane.

I don't know of any other piece of software (including the repetitious Windows updates) that requires to be updated so frequently. I am glad to have any security holes patched up as much as possible, but aren't they going a little overboard? I barely use the thing and find that I spend more time getting upset with the update notifications, processing the updates, interrupting my work to close my applications, deleting the shortcut, and rebooting the computer.

I will say to Adobe's benefit that today is the first time I've allowed the update to occur in which .... lo and behold, despite needing to reboot, I did not receive an unwanted shortcut - yay!